Soot Sprite – ‘Poltergeists’

EP Recorded at No Luck Audio.Label – Specialist Subject Records. It might be a slightly delayed piece about this particular release from last year (due to not having a dedicated space for our reviews back then), but we simply could not pass up the opportunity to talk about Soot Sprite’s latest record.Released through Specialist SubjectContinue reading “Soot Sprite – ‘Poltergeists’”


Exeter Uncovered’s Ones To Watch: False Worth

We are incredibly fortunate to have extreme diversity within the range of genres from our local music community. And that continues to be the case with each great new artist/band that happens to form in the area.This undoubtedly includes False Worth, a five-piece formed in 2020, with their debut single released last month. Hence, whyContinue reading “Exeter Uncovered’s Ones To Watch: False Worth”

Hello Again!

I’ve truly missed being connected to the music community and proudly shining that light upon the most exceptional of artists. I initially pondered on the fact that there weren’t any dedicated Exeter music magazines back in the Summer of 2018 and I was instantly eager to do something about it in the hopes to helpContinue reading “Hello Again!”