About Exeter Uncovered

Our History

Exeter Uncovered has been a true passion project from the start.

Established in 2018, we released three issues of the music publication the following year, unfortunately, due to the poor health of our editor, the magazine came to halt after that.

To create those first three issues of Uncovered took an awful lot of perseverance and hard work, but, to be connected with the wonderful music community and to feature local, national and international musicians was truly remarkable.

During the national lockdown in 2020, we provided an outlet for local artists to perform through our Instagram via ‘The Stay-Home Sessions’.

Fast forward two years without Uncovered in any form, the health of our editor hasn’t improved, hence why a print publication is currently not on the cards, but a blog and fresh platform for interviews and reviews is an accessible thing for us.

Here’s the beginning of Exeter Uncovered 2.0.

Pattern Pusher for the cover of issue 1
Dead Ground for the cover of issue 2
Sadie Horler for the cover of issue 3