Exeter Uncovered’s Ones To Watch: False Worth

We are incredibly fortunate to have extreme diversity within the range of genres from our local music community. And that continues to be the case with each great new artist/band that happens to form in the area.
This undoubtedly includes False Worth, a five-piece formed in 2020, with their debut single released last month. Hence, why we’ve chosen them as the first band for this feature of our ones to watch.

‘Pessimist’ is a perfect dose of Pop-Punk and is also rather reminiscent of the golden years of emo that occurred during the early noughties.
Despite those musical influences still being apparent, the local quintet has unmistakably developed its sound in such a way that it retains a renewed and unique style.

False Worth ‘Pessimist’ single artwork

This consists of, Callum Griffin on vocals, Matthew Tiller and Sam Clifford-Harding both on guitar, Tyler Griffin on bass, plus Corey Partridge on drums. Despite this being their debut release, they already have a clear cohesiveness to their sound, which can be a tricky task for bands early in their career, but False Worth executes this especially well.

From the moment the single began, we were hooked, with both the lyricism and superb musicianship in equal measure. The true rawness behind the vocals (courtesy of Callum Griffin) instantly pulled us into the False Worth sound. There’s a whole host of lyrics that we could quote from ‘Pessimist’, but there’s one that stands out in particular from the chorus, which encapsulates the entirety of the track in one single line.

”I’ve got to pick myself up off of the floor, I’ve been here too many times before.”

False Worth’s debut single ‘Pessimist’ available on Spotify

They might have only released the one single thus far, but that didn’t prevent False Worth from making their debut show one to remember.
The Exeter band supported Exeter Uncovered favourites Pattern Pusher at Exeter Phoenix on April 1st, and from what we’ve heard their set was a fantastic way to kick off the start of their journey as an up and coming local band.

False Worth debut gig – Luka Chitty Photography
False Worth at Exeter Phoenix – Luka Chitty Photography
False Worth at Exeter Phoenix – Luka Chitty Photography

We had a brief chat with the five-piece about the inspiration behind their debut single and the news of their upcoming debut EP.

Q: We would love to hear more of an insight into the lyrical side of ‘Pessimist’ and how that all came together.

A: The lyrical side of Pessimist was collectively written by Matt and Corey. The song tells the story of someone that is trapped or stuck in a situation or place. They constantly feel that there is no way out and they are always pessimistic about their future. Their thought process is always the negative outcome, over the possibility of something positive. They walk around in constant fear that people judge them, or if they’d remember them when they’re gone. Making changes for a better future is going to be tough, but this has to happen and they’re ready for it. Cal executed the vocals better than we had ever imagined, he took them to another level and captured the raw feel that these words needed projecting. Everyone’s situation is different and we hope that listeners can take the lyrics used in Pessimist and relate with their own experiences. We wanted to write true, genuine lyrics with a visceral feel.

Q: Which artists gave you all the initial push to form False Worth? Are there any significant inspirations?

A: Our significant inspiration comes from bands like The Story So Far, Green Day, Title Fight and Knuckle Puck. We all listen to a variety of bands within the Pop-Punk/Post-Hardcore and Hardcore genres from different eras. The album ‘20/20’ by Knuckle Puck was in fact the record that inspired Matt to start writing the original demos for the band.

Q: When will we get to hear new music and the follow-up to your debut single?

We are hoping our debut EP ‘A Myriad Of Issues’ will be released in July, this release will also include our first single ‘Pessimist’. Recording this EP has felt like a long process as it has been recorded in day sessions scattered over the period of 6 months, however, this has given us the time to review the tracks in-between those sessions to ultimately iron out the small and often overlooked elements of a shorter more intense recording process.

We’re very keen to hear this upcoming Summer EP, ‘A Myriad Of Issues’ from our first band in the ‘Ones To Watch’ feature. We also look forward to sharing our review of the debut around the time of release in July.


*Feature image: Martin Balman


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